Church Web Design Tutorial

Even though the congregation will be coming to church every other Sunday, or Saturday, there still needs to be a mode of communication to keep them up-to-date with the current news and events. That is why a church should have a well-established website. The website will also be used to provide sermons and podcasts to those who didn’t get the chance to be in church or the weekday fellowships. For you to develop an elegant website for your church, here is a church Web Design Tutorial to help you;

Church Web Design Tips

• Study other church websites

This is not all about imitating the ideas and design of other websites, but it gives you ideas on how to design yours. It is good to be unique and natural, but when it comes to the matters that involve the community, learning from others is highly recommended. Check out the website for other churches. What do they have on their website, and what is not included? Be sure of knowing what you should have on your site before you start designing it.

• Involve the community/Audience

As you are designing the website, you will need to keep in mind that different people will be visiting it. The audience will want to visit again if they are given the chance to take part on the website. For instance, you can create a page that holds forums and people give their ideas. Alternatively, you can make it possible for the audience to give opinions and what they thought about the Sunday service. This will make your site more active and in turn, it will increase the Search Engine Ranking, due to high traffic.

• Media content

This is one of the top factors that increase the ranking and traffic of a website. The media content includes images, videos, and podcasts. The images can be used to attract new members or one who visits the site for the first time. They can feature a shot of a service in session, the pastor preaching, kids performing, or other outdoor activities like sports.

The media content can also include videos and podcasts. The visitor can click on the podcast to stream or download it, as well as the video content. This is a great option for the visitors or anyone who missed the service. This means that the site will be using a lot of data to stream or download the media content. You can spend some extra money to make this happen.

• Keep it simple and elegant

Too many churches try to exaggerate their web design, which leads to a complicated site that is difficult to navigate. Rather than going for the long textual content, make it scannable, so that the user can scan and read it later. Do not get deep into the history and listing down all the ministries you have worked with. Before you post any content, ensure that it will be useful to the audience. The menu should be simple and easy to navigate to different pages. Ideally, place a search tab on the homepage to allow the visitor get to their desired content with ease.

You should also design a mobile-friendly website so that you can reach out to many audiences. You should also utilize various strategies to increase your SEO ranking. The best way is to invest more in professional companies that can deliver the right SEO services to you. Your content and contact info must always be up-to-date.

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